Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology 2013 (CSMantech), New Orleans, LA, May 13-16, 2013

Process-Reliability Relationships in GaN and GaAs Field Effect Transistors and HFETs

Aris Christou
Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE), University of Maryland, MD 20742, USA


Although accelerated life testing of low noise and power GaAs MESFETs under d.c. bias and RF operation has been conducted, some failure mechanisms remain to be of concern. We will address these concerns and will report on failure models of AlGaAs/GaAs HFETs. The set of reliability physics models then will form the starting point for development of physics based failure models for GaN HFETs devices. Processes in effect in GaN, but not in GaAs, owing to higher fields and much larger field, temperature, and strain coupling are included.

Keywords : Heterojunction field effect transistors, physics of failure, degradation mechanisms, gallium nitride, gallium arsenide, failure models.

Complete article is available from the publisher and to the CALCE Consortium Members.

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