Journal of Electronic Packaging, Vol. 134, Issue 2, June 2012

Accelerated Temperature and Voltage Stress Tests of Embedded Planar Capacitors With Epoxy-BaTiO3 Composite Dielectric

Mohammed A. Alam, Michael H. Azarian, Michael Osterman and Michael G. Pecht

Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE), University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742, USA


Accelerated temperature and voltage stress tests were conducted on embedded planar capacitors with epoxy-BaTiO3 composite dielectric. The failure modes were found to be a sudden increase in the leakage current across the capacitor dielectric and a gradual decrease in the capacitance. The failure mechanisms associated with these failure modes were investigated by performing data analysis and failure analysis. The time-to-failure as a result of a sudden increase in the leakage current was modelled using the Prokopowicz equation. The values of constants of the Prokopowicz equation, n and Ea, were determined for the epoxy-BaTiO3 composite. The degradation in capacitance was modelled by performing regression analysis. The time-to-failure and degradation models can be used for the qualification tests of embedded planar capacitors, for the development of new composite dielectric materials, and to improve the manufacturing processes of these capacitors.

Keywords : Embedded planar capacitors, Polymer-ceramic composites, Reliability, Temperature and Voltage stress tests

Complete article is available from the publisher and to the CALCE consortium members.

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