To be published Proceedings DMSMS Conference, Hollywood, FL, August 2011

Disposable Electronics in Military and Avionics systems

Peter Sandborn, Alex Wilson, and Taoufik Jazouli
CALCE, Department of Mechanical Engineering


• Throwaway or disposable electronics means that failed subsystems/components are replaced rather than diagnosed and repaired

• Military and aerospace performs assembly-level repair for a variety of good reasons including: economic, technical, business, cultural, contractual and legal.

• However, assembly-level repair practices are orthogonal to the underlying assumptions that their COTS electronics supply chain is based on.

• Unfortunately, COTS supply chain issues have tended to grow and multiply rather than abate, and resolution costs become larger every year.

• Could a significant portion of the resources expended to manage the supply chain problems be avoided if military and aerospace adopted a disposable electronics approach?

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