Journal of Material Science: Material Electron (2011): 22:1616–1630

Disassembly Methodology for Conducting Failure Analysis on Lithium-Ion Batteries

Nick Williard, Bhanu Sood, Michael Osterman and Michael Pecht
Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742, USA


To facilitate construction analysis, failure analysis, and research in lithium–ion battery technology, a high quality methodology for battery disassembly is needed. This paper presents a methodology for battery disassembly that considers key factors based on the nature and purpose of post-disassembly analysis. The methodology
involves upfront consideration of analysis paths that will be conducted on the exposed internal components to preserve the state (operational or failed) of the battery. The disassembly processes and exposures must not alter the battery materials once they are removed from their hermetically sealed containers. Because the process of battery disassembly can involve exposure to potentially hazardous compounds or lead to thermal run-away, a brief review concerning the safety hazards of disassembly is also given.

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