IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine, pp. 19-31, Sept. 2008., Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/MIE.2008.928617

Commercial Impact of Silicon Carbide

"Opportunities and Challenges in Realizing the Full Potential of SiC Power Devices"

Ranbir Singh
Michael Pecht

Evolutionary improvements in silicon (Si) power devices through better device designs, processing techniques, and material quality have led to great advancements in power systems in the last four decades. However, many commercial power devices are now approaching the theoretical performance limits offered by the Si material in terms of the capability to block high voltage, provide low on-state voltage drop, and switch at a high frequency. Therefore, in the past five to six years, many power system designers have been looking for alternative solutions in order to realize advanced commercial and military hardware that requires higher power
density circuits and modules.....

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