Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 93, 13307 (2008).

Ideal Laminate Theory for Water Transport Analysis of Inorganic/Organic Multilayer Barrier Films

Changsoo Jang
Bongtae Han
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
University of Maryland,
College Park, Maryland 20740, USA

Young-Rae Cho
Division of Materials Science and Engineering,
Pusan National University,
Pusan 609-735,
Republic of Korea

We propose and validate a diffusion model, based on the ideal laminate theory _ILT_, to describe water transport through metal-coated polymer films for barrier applications. The physical properties required for numerical implementation are studied. The analysis reveals that the solubility of the metallic coating is not required for an accurate water transport analysis, which makes the ILT-based model practical. The model is implemented numerically and the results are compared with the experimentally measured transient water weight gain of PET films with Al

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