Proceedings DMSMS Conference, Orlando, FL, November 2007.

DMSMS Lifetime Buy Characterization Via Data Mining of Historical Buys

Peter Sandborn, Varun Prabhakar and Dan Feng
CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Center
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


•When an electronic part becomes obsolete…

• Lifetime buy is a mitigation approach that involves the purchase and storage of a part in a sufficient quantity to meet current and (expected) future demands.

• Bridge buy is a buy made to meet current and (expected) future demands until the next redesign.

• Lifetime buys and bridge buys play a role in nearly every electronic part obsolescence management portfolio no matter what other reactive or proactive strategies are being followed.

• Determining the appropriate number of parts to purchase at a lifetime buy, is generally easier said than done.

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