DMSMS Knowledge Sharing Portal Newsletter, Vol. 4, Issue 4, pp. 3 and 11, June 2006

The Other Half of the DMSMS Problem - Software Obsolescence

Peter Sandborn
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Galen Plunkett
Manassas, VA  20109


Today there are a growing number of methodologies, databases and tools that address status, forecasting, risk, mitigation and management of technology obsolescence.  The one common attribute of all the methodologies, databases and tools that are in use today, whether reactive, proactive or strategic, is that they focus on the hardware life cycle. In most complex systems, software life cycle costs (redesign, re-hosting and re-qualification) contribute as much or more to the total life cycle cost as the hardware, and the hardware and software must be sustained together.

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