EPTC Annual Conference, Singapore, December 2005

Effects of Re-finishing of Terminations by Solder-Dipping on Plastic Quad Flatpack Electronic Parts

S. Sengupta, D. Das, S. Ganesan, and M. Pecht
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


Tin whiskering is a concern with high tin finishes on electronic part terminations. Solder-dipping is being used as a method for replacing the original finish with eutectic tin-lead solder, as a tin whisker risk mitigation method. The solder dipping process however, may expose the electronic parts to additional risks due to the the finish quality and thermal shock produced by the dipping process. This paper presents the effects of solder-dipping as a refinishing technique on quality and reliability on three, 0.5 mm pitch, Plastic Quad Flatpack (PQFP) parts. The paper discusses issues concerning quality of the new dipped finish and thermo-mechanical damage at critical package interfaces.

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