Kthe 9th Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium Exhibits & Conference, Kahuku, Oahu, Hawaii, 10-12 February 2004

Applications of In-situ Health Monitoring and Prognostic Sensors

J. Xie and M. Pecht
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


This paper reviews the applications of in-situ health monitoring and prognostic sensors with the focus on those in electronic systems. It provides an insight into the issues of utilizing in-situ sensors in electronic systems for health monitoring and prognostics. Those issues are discussed in comparison to those for mechanical systems and structures. This paper also introduces a physics-of-failure based life- consumption monitoring methodology for the health monitoring and life prediction of electronic systems.

Key words: in-situ sensor, health monitoring and prognostics, electronics reliability

Complete article is available to CALCE Consortium Members.


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