Proceedings of the IEEE Aerospace Conference, Vol. 5, pp. 3455 - 3467. March 6-13, 2004.

Life consumption monitoring for electronics prognostics

S. Mishra, S. Ganesan, M. Pecht and J. Xie
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


Life consumption monitoring is a prognostic method to assess the remaining life of a product in its actual life-cycle environment by continuously or periodically measuring the product's performance parameters and environmental conditions. This paper discusses a generic process to conduct a life consumption monitoring for electronic products. Two case studies on a circuit card assembly in an automobile under-hood environment are presented as application examples of the process. Temperature and vibration were identified as the dominant factors for the failure of the circuit card assembly. The environmental loads were monitored using a data recorder and the remaining life of the card assembly were estimated using physics-of-failure based stress and damage models. The predicted remaining life of the circuit card assembly correlated well with the measurement results.

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