IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Vol. 46, Issue 4, pp. 580-587, Nov, 2004

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Reduction from Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) Using Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures

S. Shahparnia, O. Ramahi
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


As digital circuits become faster and more powerful, direct radiation from the power bus of their printed circuit boards (PCB) becomes a major concern for electromagnetic compatibility engineers. In such multilayer PCBs, the power and ground planes act as radiating microstrip patch antennas, where radiation is caused by fringing electric fields at board edges. In this paper, we introduce an effective method for suppressing PCB radiation from their power bus over an ultrawide range of frequencies by using metallo-dielectric electromagnetic band-gap structures. More specifically, this study focuses on the suppression of radiation from parallel-plate bus structures in high-speed PCBs caused by switching noise, such as simultaneous switching noise, also known as Delta-I noise or ground bounce. This noise consists of unwanted voltage fluctuations on the power bus of a PCB due to resonance of the parallel-plate waveguiding system created by the power bus planes. The techniques introduced here are not limited to the suppression of switching noise and can be extended to any wave propagation between the plates of the power bus. Laboratory PCB prototypes were fabricated and tested revealing appreciable suppression of radiated noise over specific frequency bands of interest, thus, testifying to the effectiveness of this concept.

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