IMAPS Advanced Technology Conference on 3-D Packaging, pp. 1-5, Baltimore, MD, March 11-13, 2003

Failure Analysis of Electrostatic Discharge and Electrical Overstress Failures of GaAs MMIC

Y. Hwang, M. Lee, and M. Pecht
CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Center
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


Failure mode and effect analysis, visual inspection, electrical tests, X-ray observation, optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy were performed on failed linear GaAs MMIC voltage variable absorptive attenuators. Human body model electrostatic discharge tests and electrical overstress tests were performed to replicate the failures. The studies showed that the failure locations and damage shapes varied depending upon how the failures were replicated. Failure analysis results between the replicated failures and the field failures were compared. From the extent of damage and its shape on the field failure and replicate tests, it appears that field failure was caused by ESD stresses.

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