Internatioal ITC Proceedings Test Conference, Vol. 1, pp. 937-946, Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2003

Optimization of Test/Diagnosis/Rework Location(s) and Characteristics in Electronic Systems Assembly Using Real-Coded Genetic Algorithms

Z. Shi and P. Sandborn
CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Center
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


This paper presents a framework for optimizing the location(s) and characteristics (fault coverage/test cost, rework success rate/rework cost) of Test/Diagnosis/Rework (TDR) operations in the assembly process for electronic systems. A new search algorithm called Waiting Sequence Search (WSS) is applied to traverse a general process flow in order to perform the cumulative calculation of a yielded cost objective function. Real-Coded Genetic Algorithms (RCGAs) are used to perform a multi-variable optimization that minimizes yielded cost. Several simple cases are analyzed for validation and a general complex process flow is used to demonstrate the applicability of the algorithm.

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