Proc. World Aviation Congress (SAE Technical Paper: 2002-1-3012), Phoenix, AZ, November 2002

Determining Optimum Redesign Plans for Avionics Based on Electronic Part Obsolescence Forecasts

P. Singh and P. Sandborn
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

D. Lorenson
Honeywell International, Inc., Tucson, AZ

T. Geiser
Price System, LLC, Mt. Laurel, NJ


Many electronic parts have life cycles that are shorter than the life cycle of the product they are in. Life cycle mismatches caused by the obsolescence of electronic parts can result in significantly sustainment costs for long life systems. In particular, avionics often encounters part obsolescence problems before being fielded and nearly always experience part obsolescence problems during their field life. This paper presents a methodology for determining the optimum design refresh (redesign) schedule for long field life electronic systems based on forecasted electronic part obsolescence and a mix of obsolescence mitigation approaches ranging from lifetime buys to part substitution.

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