Proceedings of the Electronic Component and Technology Conference, pp. 397-400, ake Buena Vista, FL, May 30, 2001

A Web-Based Graduate Course on the Mechanical Design of High Temperature and High Power Electronics

P. McCluskey
CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Consortium
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


Many next generation electronic products will rely on programmable solid-state modules for controlling and distributing power. The use of solid-state electronic modules for power conversion and distribution has the potential to significantly improve the efficiency and performance of these power electronic products while reducing their cost. Critical to the success of power modules, however, is the development of mechanical packaging designs that will ensure reliable operation of the modules under harsh environmental and operational loading conditions. This paper proposes the development of a web-based graduate-level course on the Mechanical Design of High Temperature and High Power Electronics. Such a course would provide students with the necessary background to address the critical reliability and packaging issues needed to realize the promise of modular solid-state power electronics. The course will contain teaching modules on the fundamental operation of power electronic devices (MOSFETs, IGBTs, GTOs, SCRs, Thyristors, and MCTs), the power vs. frequency tradeoffs, the effects of high temperature on power and small signal control device operation and reliability, the incorporation of devices into soft and hard switches, methods of thermal analysis, the need for novel thermal management solutions, fatigue and failure of attach materials, stress analysis in multi-layer structures, wirebond reliability issues, and the use of pressure-based packaging structures. In addition, this course can be modified to produce a short course for practicing engineering professionals and extended for delivery on the web to a wide variety of audiences.

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