to be published International Test Conference, October 2001

A New Test/Diagnosis/Rework Model for Use in Technical Cost Modeling of Electronic Systems Assembly

Thiagarajan Trichy, Peter Sandborn, and Shubhada Sahasrabudhe
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


This paper presents a test/diagnosis/rework analysis model for use in technical cost modeling of electronic assemblies. The approach includes a model of test operations characterized by fault coverage, false positives, and defects introduced in test, in addition to rework and diagnosis operations that have variable success rates and their own defect introduction mechanisms. The model can accommodate an arbitrary number of rework attempts on any given assembly and can be used to optimize the fault coverage and rework investment during system tradeoff analyses.

The model's implementation allows all inputs to the model can be represented as probability distributions thereby accommodating inevitable uncertainties in input data present during tradeoff activities and uses Monte Carlo methods to determine model outputs. The application of this methodology enables quick access to decision-level data allowing the location of test and rework operations in a process to be optimized along with the level of fault coverage invested in, thus resulting in higher quality systems at lower cost.

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