Paper N2.1, MRS Proceedings, Vol. 682E, MRS Spring Symposium on Microelectronics and Microsystems Packaging; Editors: Boudreaux, Dauskardt, Last, and McCluskey, Chicago, 2001.

Microthermomechanical Analysis of Lead-Free Sn3.9Ag0.6Cu Alloys; Part I: Viscoplastic Constitutive Properties; and Part II: Cyclic Durability Properties

Haswell,P. and Dasgupta, A.,


This is part I of a two-part paper on the mechanical behavior of lead-free solders. The constitutive properties of Sn3.9Ag0.6Cu lead-free alloy are presented and compared against baseline data from eutectic Sn63Pb37 solder. Monotonic, displacement-controlled and load-controlled tests are performed over various temperatures, strain rates and stresses using the thermo-mechanical-microstructural (TMM) test system. It is shown that the lead-free alloy exhibits creep strain rates that are from one to five orders of magnitude lower than the eutectic SnPb alloy, depending on the stress level and the homologous temperature.

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