Proceedings of 2001 Green Engineering Conference, July 29-31, 2001, Roanoke, VA

Lead-free Solder and the Consumer Electronics Market

Rick Ciocci
CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Consortium
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


The electronics industry is facing a fundamental change to long-standing soldering processes as the switch to lead-free solder is imminent. Legislation proposals that call for a ban on lead in electronics may be the reason that attention on lead-free technologies has escalated, but the recognition that lead-free solder is a product differentiator may be the cause for action. Lead-free solder has been used successfully, but there are technical issues that must be overcome. However, a close look at the impending industry- wide change to lead-free solder shows that companies are already using the alternative materials and are already marketing products to environmentally- aware consumers.

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