Experimental Techniques, Vol. 25, No. 3, pp. 22-25, 2001

Measurement of Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Flexible Substrate by Moire Interferometry

Z. Wu, S. Cho and B. Han
CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Center
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


Thermal stresses in microelectronics interconnections are produced by the mismatch of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) between the module and the substrate. Consequently, accurate measurement of thermal expansion of the microelectronics component is important for reliability assessment of the microelectronics assembly. The microelectronics component contains various conductors and insulators with different CTE, and thus the conventional point measurement techniques for homogeneous materials such as strain gage and thermo-mechanical analyzer (TMA) are not well suited for the effective CTE measurement because of a point-to-point CTE variation within the component. Recently, moire interferometry was introduced as an attractive alternative for effective CTE measurement of microelectronics components [1,2].

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