Proceeding of the IMAPS Advanced Packaging Materials Processes, Properties and Interfaces Symposium, Braselton GA, March 2001, pp. 399-404

Application-Specific Economic Analysis of Integral Passives in Printed Circuit Boards

Bevin Etienne and Peter A. Sandborn, 

CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Consortium
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


This paper summarizes an application-specific economic analysis of the conversion of discrete passive resistors and capacitors to integral passives that are embedded within a printed circuit board. In this study we assume that integral resistors are printed or plated directly onto wiring layers (as opposed to requiring a dedicated layer), that bypass capacitors are embedded by dielectric substitution into existing reference plane layers, and that singulated non-bypass capacitors are embedded using dedicated layer pair addition. The model presented performs three basic analyses: