Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Connector and Interconnection Technology symposium and Trade Show, Orlando Florida, pp. 61-70, October 23-25 2000

Contact Variation and Shielding Performance of Electromagnetic Shielding Gaskets

Jingsong Xie, Michael Pecht, and David F. Barbe
CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Consortium
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


Poor data repeatability remains a problem facing industry in determining and reporting electromagnetic shielding performance of gaskets. This paper provides insight into this problem with the focus on gasket contact interfaces. A statistical contact characterization is conducted to show variation in contact perfromance of gaskets, and requirements on data reporting are discussed as well. Two types of commercial beryllium-copper fingerstocks, which are typical gaskets used in electromagnetic shielding, are investigated. The experimental data are analyzed using a log-normal-distribution-based analytical approach to quantify the variation of gaskets in contact resistance and shielding performance. The results indicate a significant contribution of electrical contact conditions to the shielding performance of gaskets.

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