Semiconductor International, Vol. 23, N0. 10, pp. 148-154, September 2000

Semiconductor Companies in China

Michael Pecht and Weifeng Liu 
CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Center
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

David Hodges
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
University of California
Berkeley, Calif. 


This paper presents the major semiconductor companies in China.  They are Hua Jing Electronics Groups, Shanghai Belling Stock Holding Co. Ltd., Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. of Shaghai, Hua Yue Microelectronics Corp., and Shougang NEC Electronics Corp.  Among them, Hua Jing and Hua Yue are state-owned companies, others are joint ventures with foreign companies.  These companies form the backbone of China's IC industry.

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