Proceedings of InterPACk'99 Vol. 1, pp. 295-304, June 1999

A Multi-scale Conjugate Thermal Modeling Approach for Air Cooled Electronic Enclosures

L. Tang and Y. Joshi
CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Consortium
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


A multi-scale thermal analysis approach is demonstrated for mixed and forced convection from discrete heat sources in enclosures. This method involves a sequential two-step "zooming-in" approach to resolve the smaller length scales associated with fine structures of heat sources. The first step is the development of a coarse grid global model, with simplified models of components to evaluate flow blockage and temperature distribution pattern. A fine grid local analysis of the solid(s) of interest is then carried out using thermal information from the global analysis as boundary conditions. Implementation of the approach is conducted for a rectangular enclosure containing a printed wiring board (PWB) populated with plastic quad flat packages (PQFPs). Temperature computations from the multi-scale analysis approach were compared favorably with experimentally measured data for the cases studied. More importantly, this method demonstrated great potential in computational time saving.

Complete article is available to CALCE Consortium Members


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