Printed Circuit Fabrication , Vol. 22. No. 4, pp. 34-38, April 1999.

Do You Know That Your Laminates May Contain Hollow Fibers?

Keith Rogers, Pascale Van Den Driessche, Craig Hillman and Michael Pecht
CALCE Electronic Packaging Research Consortium
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland, 20742


In the manufacture of laminates used for the electronic industry, glass fibers are used for reinforcement. Laminates are composed of several plies of glass fabrics encapsulated with a polymeric resin. The most common fabric fiber material used today in laminate manufacture is E-glass, a continuous filament glass yarn with a chemical composition by weight of mostly SiO2, but also containing various amounts of CaO, Al2O3 and other materials. Advantages of E-glass lie in its high tensile strength, water resistance, bond stability with resins, and relatively low cost. The dielectric constant (6.3 at 23 oC and 1 MHz) is high, but acceptable for most low frequency applications...

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