Proceedings 19th AESP/EPA Pollution Prevention & Control Conference , pp. 177-183, Jan. 1998.

Integrating Environmental Inventory Analysis with Detailed Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Cost Modeling

P. Sandborn

To be effective, Design-for-Environment (DFE) of electronic systems must be closely tied to design-to-cost and design-for-manufacturability activities.  This paper presents a cost model that focuses on activities defined in terms of material additions and subtractions. The model computes the volume of materials, used and wasted by plating, coating, etching, stripping, desmearing, plasma etching, lamination, drilling, filling, singulation, scrapping, and waste disposition activities.  The model allows
material usage and waste to be computed and observed on a per process step basis. Example modeling results from evaluating the cost and waste associated with PWB fabrication are included.

Full article in .pdf format (Adobe Acrobat required) is available to CALCE Consortium members.

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