Quality And Reliability Engineering International 14, pp 433-447, 1998

Physics-of-Failure Guidelines For Accelerated Qualification of Electronic Systems

Kumar Upadhyayula and Abhijit Dasgupta

CALCE Electronic Products and Systems Consortium, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742


A systematic accelerated product qualification approach based on physics-of-failure (PoF) principles is presented for the durability assessment of an avionics electronic module. Results from this case study demonstrate that combined accelerated wearout tests may produce complex synergies that can only be controlled through precise PoF assessment. The paper concludes with a set of generic guidelines to design, plan, conduct and successfully implement a PoF-based accelerated product qualification process.

Keywords: Acceleration factor; accelerated product qualification; accelerated wearout tests; combined stress tests; damage modelling; incremental damage superposition approach; overstress failures; Palmgren–Miner's hypothesis; physics-of-failure; repetitive shock vibration; solder joint durability; stress analysis; stress limits; thermal cycling; virtual qualification; wearout failures.

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