Transactions of the ASME , Vol. 119, pp. 40-50, march 1997.

Application of Phase Change Materials to Thermal Control of Electronic Modules: A Computation Study

D. Pal, Y. Joshi


Phase change materials (PCMs) act as a heat storage medium with change of phase. They have been widely used in latent heat thermal storage systems for heat pumps, solar engineering, and spacecraft thermal control applications. The use of PCMs for active and passive electronic cooling applications have been investigated within the past decade. In the former, a slurry of micro encapsulated PCM in a carrier heat transfer oil is used to increase the effective specific heat compared to the pure liquid (Charunyakorn et al., 1991). For a given power input this amounts to a decrease in the coolant flow rate and the pumping power. The use of PCMs for passive thermal control has also been examined The selected PCM should have a melting point in the desired operating temperature range, a high...

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