A Comparison of Routing Estimation Methods for Microelectronic Modules

P. Sandborn and P. Spletter
Proceedings International Electronics Packaging Conference, 1996, pp. 651-663


A critical requirement for the conceptual design of electronic modules is the determination of the number of layers necessary to wire or "route" a design. The challenge is to successfully estimate the number of layers before detailed routing is possible. There are several algorithms for estimating substrate interconnect requirements for a design prior to the existence of a netlist. Some approaches depend on the use of heuristics derived from observing actually routed designs, while others depend on geometric arguments. The use, applicability, and uncertainties associated with the estimation techniques are not widely understood. In this paper several wiring estimation algorithms are applied to a variety of products that use printed wiring board and multichip module technologies. The algorithms considered include section-crossing, Rent's rule, geometric counting, and statistical wire length distribution.

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