Circuit World, Vol. 22, No. 2, 1996.

Issues Affecting Early Affordable Access to Leading Electronic Technologies by the US Military and Government

M. Pecht

Military electronics have typically been isolated from mainstream developments due to military unique requirements, specifications and procurement policies. As a consequence, military electronic systems have not profited from many of the commercial technological advancements and the lessons learned. Based on an understanding of this problem, DoD policy directives are now changing, although there are attempts to resist or side-step implementation.

 To understand the key issues affecting early affordable access to leading electronic technologies by the US military and government, it is necessary to understand those military and government policies, regulations and organisations that have influenced both directly and indirectly, purposefully and accidentally, electronics effectiveness and worth. This paper provides a perspective to some of the key issues and critical differentiators between US military/government and commercial approaches to electronics.
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