ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging, Vol. 118, pp. 31-36, 1996.

Heat Transfer From an Array of Strips to Fluorinert Coolant in a Mixed Impinging-Jet/Channel-Flow Configuration

W. Nakayama, M. Behnia, H. Mishima, and H. Sun


Cooling of an array of parallel foil strips stretched on the wall of a narrow rectangular channel to the flow of fluorinert FX3250 is studied experimentally. The coolant is injected in planar jet normal to the center strip, which splits into two streams to cool the other strips. The data for each strip are correlated in the form of NuL/Pr0.4 as a function of ReL. The correlations compare favorably to the data of Schafer et al. (1991) who conducted experiments using water in similar geometric configurations.


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