Journal of Electronic Packaging Transactions of ASME, Vol. 117, pp 225-229, September 1995.

Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopic Investigation of Failure Mechanisms in Electronic Packages

M. Li, and M. Pecht


Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy (E-SEM) is a technique which provides the capability to investigate surface morphologies over a variety of controllable environmental conditions.  This paper discusses the principal of the E-SEM and presents three experimental investigations of failure mechanisms in electronic packages using E-SEM techniques.  The first is a study of thermally induced failures of MMIC devices.  The second investigation concentrates on relative humidity and thermal cycling effects on interfacial bonding characteristics of resin/fiber interfaces in printed wiring boards, and micro-cracks surrounding plated-through-holes.

Complete article is available to CALCE Consortium Members.

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