Proceeding of 1995 Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium, pp. 144-151, January 1995.

A Framework For Reliability Modeling Of Electronics

E. Hakin, M. Osterman and C. Rust


The Physics-of-Failure approach (PoF) to design, reliability modeling, testing, and screening of single chip packages and multichip modules (MCM), has been developed.  The PoF approach is implemented in the CADMP-II Software.  The PoF approach is based on the identification of potential failure mechanisms and failure sites for the product.  Failure mechanisms are described by models which characterize the physics of degradation processes leading to failure at each potential failure site.  The loads at each failure site are obtained as a function of environmental and operation conditions.  The approach proactively incorporates reliability in the design process by establishing a scientific basis for evaluation of new materials, structures, and technologies, thorough design of tests, screens, safety factors, and acceleration transforms, based on the knowledge of failure mechanisms and modes.

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