Proceedings Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium, Washington DC, pp. 362-369, January 16-19, 1995.

Beyond the Qualified Manufacturer List (QML)

E. Hakim, C. Rust, and W. Olsson


The Microcircuit Application Handbook, MIL-HDBK-179 (ER), dated 25 October 1993 is becoming the Army guide for the determination of suitability of a microcircuit packaging approach and the selection criteria for microcircuit suppliers and part types.  This document is based on recommendations provided by the DoD Defense Science Board.  A Multiple Entry Matrix lists all possible DoD equipment environments, which ranges from temperature humidity controlled to space.  Parts for these application environments include commercial and industrial grade plastic encapsulated microcircuits (PEMs), industrial qualification of PEM approaches, and QML.  By implementation of the Microelectronic Selection Criteria Spreadsheet, the equipment developer provides the rational for selection of the PEM supplier and the part selected.  The data required is mainly available through the supplier and should determine if he is implementing Best Commercial Practices (BCP).  This data will assure the parts surpass the equipment quality and reliability requirements.  This approach to the use of non-military approved microcircuits is already being implemented on several Army Programs which will be discussed.  The vision is to make the handbook a requirement for all equipment developed at the US Army Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM).

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