International Journal of Microelectronic Packaging, Vol. 1, pp. 13-34, 1995.

Relative Humidity Cycle Testing on GE-HDI

M. Li, X. Wu, M. Pecht, K. Paik and E. Bernard


This paper discusses an experimental effort to investigate potential failure mechanisms associated with humidity cycling conditions of polymer-overlaid high-density interconnects.  Cut (cross-sectioned) and uncut test modules (GE TEG4 and NASA SEC) were subjected to 100 cycles (1,600 hours) of humidity cycling between 45% and 95% relative humidity at steady-state temperatures of 23oC and 85o C.  The results of environmental scanning electron microscopic investigation and optical microscopic investigation indicated interfacial delimitation at certain locations.  Electrical measurements showed that electrical resistance changed less than 10%.

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