Presented at the
1994 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exhibition,
of the Winter Annual Meeting
, November 6-11, 1994.

Modeling PTH Damage Caused by Insertion Mount Connectors

G. Ganguly and A. Dasgupta


Stresses arising in plated through holes (PTH), vias and surrounding printed wiring board (PWB) substrates due to lead insertion forces of insertion-mount connectors are modeled analytically.  The analytical modes is based on separation of variable techniques using Fourier series, and will be calibrated in future using both experimental measurements as well as numerical finite element results.  Only linear elastic results are presented in this paper, to predict deformation and stresses in the assembly.  Incremental load-stepping methods will be used in future, to handle nonlinear material properties such as copper plastic properties and PWB substrate post-damage properties.  The goal is to develop mechanistic predictive models to reduce the need for highly repetitive and costly failure analysis for damage evaluation, resulting in significant cost savings to the industry as a whole.

Complete article is available to CALCE Consortium Members.

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