Proceedings 1994 Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium, pp. 481-493, Jan. 1994.

Using Plastic-Encapsulated Microcircuits in High Reliability Applications

L. Condra, G. Kromholtz, M. Pecht, E. Hakim


This paper describes technical and management aspects of using plastic-encapsulated micro-circuits (PEM's) in applications in which military, hermetic microcircuits have tradition-ally been required. In order to implement the use of PEM's in such applications, it is necessary to re-evaluate the entire system of qualifying, procuring, using, and ensuring reliability of parts, and of the products in which they are used. Technically, the disciplines of reliability, accelerated testing, design of experiments, and physics-of-failure must be used as a comprehensive set of tools to implements and manage the use of PEM's. Finally, an effective and efficient system for collecting and analyzing data must be set up to provide information for rational decision-making.

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