AGARD Conference Proceedings 562 for the Avionics Panel Symposium,
San Diego, CA, Vol. 17, No. 1-6, October 1994.

Liquid Flow-Through Cooling of Electronic Modules

S. Sridhar, M. Osterman, J. Carbonell, and K. Herold


Thermal management of future avionics modules will be a critical design issue. New advanced in integrated circuit technology and electronic packaging will allow the design of densely populated electronics modules with potential power dissipation levels in excess of 1.0 W/cm2 While the module power level trend will be to increase, the maximum allowable junction temperature for integrated circuits may be lowered to provide more benign thermal environment for electronics. This negates the use of conventional thermal management techniques in new avionics application. A number of trade studies were performed to determine which cooling technique would be best suited to meet the anticipated reliability and performance requirements for the year 2005 and beyond. The approaches to module cooling technologies considered were: edge cooled conduction, immersion and hollow core flow-through. The technology selected was the hollow core flow-through. This paper discusses the results of flow through cooling investigations on both single-pass cold plates and SEM-E modules.

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