Proceedings of the National Electronic Packaging and Production Conference (NEPCON-West),
Anaheim, CA, pp. 651-660, February 1993.

Design of MCMs for Insertion into Standard Surface Mount Packages

P. Sandborn, H. Hashemi, and L. Bal


This paper explores the potential advantages and performance tradeoffs associated with inserting small multichip modules into surface mount packages. Using assembly and interconnect technologies available today, few chip packages can lead to less costly solutions than traditional single chip package approaches and may be practical depending on system size and modularity constraints. With designs optimized to lower the cost of the interconnect board, few chip packaging can accelerate the introduction of MCMs into high volume markets.

In this paper few chip packages are studied using a 80486 processor based PC design with a cache controller. Various permutations of placing two or more of the system components into a few chip package are explored by evaluating their impact on the system through prediction of their cost and size. In addition we present an example of a three chip cache controller module implemented on a fine line printed circuit board and placed in a conventional and quad flat package.

Complete article is available to CALCE Consortium Members.

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