Software Applications in Electrical Engineering, Southampton, UK, pp. 63-70, 1993.

Computer Aided Design And Reliability Assessment Of Microelectronic Packages

P. Lall, C. Rust, X. Shan, and E. Hakim


Software tools, which implement the physics-of-failure approach, have been developed for design and reliability assessment of multichip modules based on device architecture, environmental and test loads, and device mission life.  The physics-of-failure approach addresses the damage physics of the failure phenomena in microelectronic devices, and is an alternative to empirical handbooks which involve the collection of field failure data and extrapolation of such data to obtain reliability estimates.  The software tools developed, address the shortcomings of empirical methods.  The structure of the software tools has been devised to address generic package architecture and materials.  Some of the features of these software tools are discussed.

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