Journal of Electronics Manufacturing, Vol. 1 (2), pp. 61-76, 1992

Placement Design for Producibility

Michael Pecht, Jonathan Watts and Sudha Balakrishnan
University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742


The approach presented in this paper aims toward resolving producibility problems, in the design stage of an electronic circuit assembly. A brief discussion of the three main assembly processes - component placement, soldering and inspection - is followed by an investigation of the design parameters that affect these processes. A methodology for assigning producibility codes for components, with respect to their location and orientation on the board, is devised for enhanced soldering and inspection. Assembly process plans are recommended as a function of the component package styles and board configuration. Finally, a flowchart is presented for placement, utilizing the producibility codes, component area constraints and assembly process plans.

Keywords: Producibility, solderability, inspectability

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