Proceedings Materials Research Society Symposium, Boston, MA, pp. 549-555, 1992

High Electron Mobility Transistors with Optically Processed Refractory Silicide Metallizations: Thermal and Microwave Analysis

P. Tang, M. Fan, A. Iliadis and A. Christou,
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


The enhanced high temperature gate metallisations consisting of sputtered TiWSi or TiWN were investigated in order to attain high temperature stability at temperature in excess of 250oC. The TiWN/Au system resulted in a sheet resistance of only 11.5 m*/* while TiWSi/Au resulted in 75.0m*/*. .The HEMTs and FETs processed with additional stable ohmic contacts of epitaxial Ge/Pd structures exhibited a stable transconductance of 160-180 mS/mm at temperatures of 300oC. Thermal analysis indicated the peak junction temperature increase with an input power of 200 mW to be less than 18oC at substrate temperature of 60oC.

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