Journal of Composite Materials, Vol. 26(18), pp. 2736-2758, 1992

Orthotropic Thermal Conductivity of Plain-Weave Fabric Composites Using a Homogenization Technique

A. Dasgupta, and R. Agarwal
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


This article presents a new application of two-scale asymptotic homogenization schemes to predict the orthotropic thermal conductivity of plain-weave-fabric reinforced composite laminates.  A unit-cell, enclosing the characteristics periodic repeat pattern in the fabric weave, is isolated and modeled.  A new three-dimensional series-parallel thermal resistance network is developed to solve a steady-state heat transfer boundary value problem (BVP) for this unit-cell.  Laminate effective orthotropic thermal conductivities are obtained analytically and numerically as functions of (1) thermal conductivity of the constituent materials, (2) fiber volume fraction, and (3) weave style.  The analytically predicted thermal conductivity values are compared with numerical finite element predictions, with existing models in the literature and with experimentally obtained values.

Complete article is available to CALCE Consortium Members.

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