6th International Sampe Electronic Materials and Processes Conference, Baltimore, MD, pg. 782-794, June 1992.

Composite Materials In Electronic Packaging

A. Dasgupta


This paper presents an overview of the different applications of composite materials in current electronic packaging technology.  The main goal of this paper is to identify the major design challenges facing users of these advanced materials and to present an overview of the modeling techniques currently available to designers for modeling the performance and failure characteristics of there systems.  Example applications include particulate composites such as reinforced adhesives, solders, and SiC-reinforced metal-matrix cases.  Anisotropic continuous-fiber reinforced composites such as graphite-reinforced metal-matrix heat sinks and composite boxes/racks designed for EMI shielding.  Laminated plate composites such as multi-layered substrate and board materials.  And woven-fabric composites such as those used for electronic PWBs.

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