Proceedings of ESREF '91, pp. 323-329, October 1991.

Reliability of Advanced LAMBE FETs and HEMTs

W. Anderson, A. Christou


The reliability of laser assisted MBE (LAMBE) FETs and HEMTs is reported and compared with the reliability of conventional MBE (C)- HEMTs. The LAMBE FETs were 1 um gate length devices, LAMBE HEMTs had 0.7 um, gated and the C-HEMTs had 0.5 um gates. Laser processing was included in order to limit deep levels and parasitic effects, to minimize source resistance and gate capacitance, to enhance transconductance, and to reduce the noise figure. The laser processed HEMTs (LPHEMTs) resulted in an MTBF of 2*107 hrs at 100oC, MTBF of 6*105 hrs at 110oC and an activation energy of less than 1.4 eV. The LAMBE MESFETs and C-MESFETs showed an MTBF of 7*107 hrs, indicating no difference in both the reliability analysis of commercial HEMTs.

Complete article is available to CALCE Consortium Members.

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