Int. Comm. Heat Mass Transfer, Vol. 18, pp. 39-47, 1991

Natural Convection Cooling of a Ceramic Substrate Mounted Leadless Chip Carrier in Dielectric Liquids

Y. Joshi and R. Paje
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


An experimental investigation of natural convection heat transfer from a commercially available semiconductor device package substrate assembly formed one surface of a dielectric liquid filled cubical enclosure of side 4.6 cm.  The surface facing the package substrate combination was maintained at a uniform temperature and acted as the heat sink while the remaining enclosure walls were insulated.  Temperature measurements were made at the chip center, the package lid and several locations on the substrate.  Baseline measurements are reported first for air-cooling.  Results are then presented for three dielectric liquids and three temperatures of the cold wall, both with the substrate oriented horizontally, as well as vertically.  With the cold wall that is maintained at 15ºC it was found that the maximum input power without exceeding a chip of 80ºC was about 1.9W with FC-75 as the coolant.

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