International Journal for Hybrid Microelectronics , Vol. 12 Number 3, September 1989.

Acceleration Sensors For Solid State Electronic Safety And Arming Devices

S. Genberg, Harry Diamond Laboratories, M. Pecht


This paper discusses several acceleration sensors that can potentially be integrated into solid state electronic safety and arming (S & A) devices for various military munitions.  The sensors discussed in this paper are: helical spring and mass acceleration threshold switches; a mercury acceleration threshold switch; cantilever spring and mass acceleration threshold switches; an optical spring/mass acceleration threshold switch; a force sensing resistor utilized as an accelerometer; a piezoelectric velocimeter; variable capacitance accelerometers; and microbeam acceleration threshold switches.

The sensors are representative of the field and include devices constructed from macroscale components as well as microscale features.  The performance of the different sensors varies considerably; ranging from sensors designed to detect a few g up to sensors able to detect accelerations high as 20,000 to 30,000 g.  Many of the sensors have been tested to some extent and an evaluation based on these test results is presented.

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